About eCheminfo Project

eCheminfoThe eCheminfo Network and Community of Practice is dedicated to the communication of research and development of best practices in cheminformatics, bioinformatics and modelling of relevance to drug discovery and development.

The network involves a diversity of subject matter expertise including experienced professionals from the life science and pharmaceutical industry, vendors, research institutes, universities and government. eCheminfo is committed to the core value of outreach with diverse groups in the commercial, government and academic sectors for the development of best practices, strategies, resources and methodologies that address specific issues in improved drug discovery and productivity.

Communications activities deploy virtual approaches and a collaboration environment, in addition to regional discussion- and networking-designed face-to-face InterAction meetings, workshops and training. A number of international conferences and workshops have been organised since 2003 which taken place in the UK, Switzerland and the USA, in addition to several virtual conferences.

eCheminfo at a Glance

Who we are:

drug designers, computer scientists, biologists, chemists, toxicologists;

In the community:

a global community linking interdisciplinary expertise and organisations in collaborative endeavours

Our mission:

to develop the science, tools and practice of drug design methods and the results and outcomes of applications in new discoveries staisfying health needs.